Electric and Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers

When it comes to managing your lawn, one of the best things to own is a lawnmower. When choosing a lawn mower, you have two options: the gas-powered lawn mowers and the electric-powered lawn mowers. If you do not have any experience with lawn mowing, then it is highly recommended that you hire a landscaper.

Gas-powered lawn mowers

gas poweredThe gas-powered lawn mowers have been around for close to ten decades. Its design is simple with the internal combustion engine powering the blade which then spins and cuts the leaves and grass. They come with different options including the riding, self-propelled, and push. Let us look at some of the benefits of the gas-powered models;


  • Their run-time is only second to the corded electric models when it comes to the run-time
  • They have an excellent cutting power which is ideal for cutting leaves and grass in the humid areas
  • Unlike the other types of lawn mowers like the electric ones, this kind of lawn does not have cords
  • Since it gas-powered, it does not need to be recharged.
  • It is easier to operate them since are ridden instead of being pushed.

Electric-powered lawn mowers

electric poweredThe electric-powered lawn mowers have been around just like the gas-powered lawn mower. The difference has been whereas one has needed a cord for its operation, the other one does not require one.

Some of the current lawn mowers are powered by the batteries which can offer sufficient power that is used in various lawn mowing applications. Most of the electric-powered lawn mowers are pushed. We, however, have some that can be ridden on but are costly. You can go here for the best corded electric lawn mower.


Advantages of the electric lawn mowers

  • They are quiet in their operation. As compared to the gas engines they are more silent in their action which means you can mow your loan without causing much disturbance to your neighbors.
  • They are also light in weight since the electric motors are lighter as compared to the combustion engines.
  • Electricity is a green source of energy which means that the use of electric lawn mowers does not pose any environmental threat to the atmosphere.
  • The electric lawn mowers need little maintenance as compared to the gas-powered lawn mowers. The gas-powered lawn mowers need regular oil changes, and the fuel needs to be drained at the end of each season.
  • The spark plugs also need to be replaced. This is however not the case when it comes when it comes to the electric-powered lawn mowers.
  • Since the electric lawn mowers are operated by a button, they are easy to work, unlike the gas-powered ones who need some pulling to start.
  • The electric-powered lawn mowers are smaller in size as compared to the gas-powered models which mean that storing them is more straightforward.

Watch the video below for the best electric and gas-powered lawnmowers;

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Emma Northcutt