The Benefits of Tourism to a Community

woman hanging in the swingTourism has changed the tides of many communities. This is why government partners with investors to provide infrastructure to support tourism. We have two types of tourism; the local tourism and the foreign tourism.

The international tourism is the most lucrative because the international tourism brings foreign exchange to a country which helps a lot in the circulation of the different currencies. This article looks at some of the benefits of tourism to a community.


Tourism creates employment opportunities in a community. We have both the direct and indirect employment that is generated by tourism. When an area is regarded as a tourism destination, stakeholders will build hotels and other facilities which provide essential services.

The people within the city will be hired as chefs, tour guides, and even lead consultants. Other local investors can set up curio shops whereby they will be selling different types of artifacts. Tourism will, therefore, create immense employment opportunities in a community.

Increased Spending

Tourism leads to increased spending within a community. When tourists visit an area, they will use the cash that they have to purchase various products and services in the area. Some of the areas that the tourists are likely to spend money on include hotels, clothing, hairdressing, and transportation just but to mention a few.

They flood the local community with funds which help in building the local community. The local community is empowered economically as they get the funds that are brought by the tourists and spend in other areas.

Preservation of Culture

When foreign tourists explore the world, they are usually in search of knowledge. One of the tourist attraction sites is typically the museum. Tourism has made many communities to preserve their culture.

For example, the Masaai people in Kenya and Tanzania have kept their culture for centuries because of tourism. People get pride from where they originate; tourism, therefore, gives them the perfect opportunity to reflect on their cultural heritage and history and to develop the identity of their community.

Infrastructure Development

map for explorationMembers of a community will enjoy improved infrastructure developments in their area thanks to tourism. The government usually partners with the private sector to build various infrastructures that are key in the attraction of the tourists.

Areas that are regarded as tourists attraction sites typically have first star hotels, electricity connection, clean water and excellent transportation network. Decent houses also spring up in the area as other investors build hospitals and schools to serve the greater interests of the community.